Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Celebration and Observation for the session 2019-20

Gandhi Jayanti & Shastri Jayanti (02/10/2019)

VKV(NEEPCO), Doyang celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and Shastri Jayanti on 2nd October 2019. Students presented a bhajan and a patriotic song.Moreover, Chakheni Chobow , a student of class VII delivered a speech on the great personalities. A slide show followed by a quiz was done by Robin Kuli Sir. Lastly,Principal Sir delivered an eloquent speech briefing the significance of the day. The celebration ended with the cleaning of the school premises and the nearby areas by the students,teachers and the NEEPCO employees.

Universal brotherhood day (11/09/2019)

The Universal brotherhood day celebration was graced by the Head (NEEPCO) of DHEP, General Manager of DHEP, Assistant Commandent of CISF unit Doyang and Branch Manager of SBI,Doyang. Students delivered speeches and presented songs. There was also a procession of the students, teachers, NEEPCO officials and CISF jawans in the nearby areas.

Teachers' day (05/09/2019)
Teachers' day was celebrated in the school by the students of class IX & X.... A cultural programme was organised along with some speeches on the significance of the day by the Principal as well as students. Moreover, students played the role of teachers and bhaiyas for the day.

Srimanta Sankardev tithi (02/09/19)

VKV(NEEPCO) Doyang celebrated Srimanta Sankardev tithi on 2/09/19..Borgeet and naam were presented by students as well as teachers. Moreover, a speech competition was held on the life of Srimanta Shankardev.

Janmastami (24/08/19).
VKV(NEEPCO) Doyang celebrated Janmastami in the first half of the day (24/08/19). Groups of students of primary and secondary section presented song and dance.They also participated in the dahi handi task. Moreover,the life of Gopal Krishna was briefed by a teacher.

73rd independence day & Raksha Bandhan(15/08/2019)

VKV(NEEPCO) Doyang celebrated both 73rd independence day and Raksha Bandhan in the school premises and in NEEPCO IB with the CISF and NEEPCO officials.

International Yoga Day(21/06/2019
Vivekananada Kendra Vidyalaya(NEEPCO),Doyang observed the fifth International Yoga Day in two places- School premises and NEEPCO Hall (NRC).

Rabindranath Jayanti (09/05/2019)
Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore was remembered and paid tribute on the occasion of Rabindra Jayanti on 9/05/19. Students presented a song and a slide show on the life of the great personality.