Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Gita Jayanti (3/12/2022)

  Gita Jayanti was observed in the Vidyalaya with various programmes , Sri Nayan Borkataki , a teacher , delivered an eloquent speech on the significance of Gita in our life . All the students chanted Gita together. Moreover, group Gita chanting competition for classes III, IV & V and individual Gita chanting competition for classes LKG , UKG , I & II  were conducted on this day.

Samartha Bharat Parva

 Samartha Bharat Parva was commenced in the Vidyalaya on 29/12/2022. The programme started with mangalacharan followed by offering of flowers by teachers and students on the portraits of Bharat Mata & Swamiji. Principal spoke on the significance of the day and the strength of India.

Since that day everyday a teacher in morning assembly has been delivering a speech about an unsung hero of Freedom Movement of India in the morning assembly.

Saturday, 7 January 2023

Lachit Diwas (24/11/2022)

 The brave warrior and commander of Ahom Kingdom, Lachit Borphukan was remembered and paid tribute on his birth anniversary. The work and life of the visionary leader was spoken about by Sri Rana Pratap Gogoi, a teacher and Km. Prince Bora, a student of class VI. Sri R John Zeliang, HoPs, DHPS, NEEPCO and Sri P.K. Taye, Senior Manager, Vigilance, DHPS were the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour in the program. Sri Zeliang in his speech suggested the students to focus on building good character inculcating all human values and developing talents. The programme included patriotic songs (both lead & follow and presentation) as well as a dance performance on a patriotic song by students. There was also a prize distribution ceremony towards the end of the program.

Apart from all these the following activities were conducted throughout the day:

i) Sit and draw competition for classes I to V.

ii) Patriotic song competition for classes VI to X.

iii) A short video presentation on the life of Lachit Borphukan for the students of classes IV and V.

Sadhana Diwas (19/11/2022)

 Sadhana diwas was observed in school by paying homage to Ma. Eknathji Ranade. Sri P.K.Taye, Senior Manager (Vigilance) DHPS, NEEPCO was the distinguished guest in the program. The program included songs on Eknathji by students and a speech by Su. Deepshikha Kalita, a teacher, on the life and work of the great son of the motherland. A short play on Eknathji was also performed by a group of students. Moreover, a prize distribution ceremony was conducted towards the end of the program. Apart from all these the following activities were conducted throughout the day :

1. Quiz for classes I to III

2. Speech Competition for classes VI to VIII.

3. A cleanliness drive for classes IX & X

The certificates of the students qualified in GPP were distributed by Sri P.K. Taye, Senior Manager (Vigilance) DHPS, NEEPCO on Sadhana Diwas. Sri P.K. Taye also motivated the students to work hard with intense focus on their goals.

Children's Day (14/11/2022)

Children's day was observed in school conducting different sports for the students in great zeal. There was also an interactive session for the students of classes IX & X with Sri Pankaj R Dhote, Scientist, IIRS (ISRO) in which Sri Dhote made a PowerPoint presentation on Remote Sensing and its Application in Water Resources.

Besides these, Nibandha  Lekhan Spardha was conducted in school for the students of classes VI to X.


Tokhu Emong and Guru Nanak Jayanti (8/11/2022)

 Tokhu Emong, harvesting festival of the Lotha tribe and Guru Nanak Jayanti was observed in school on 8 November 2022. Lotha folk songs were also presented by students on the day apart from patriotic songs. Assistant Pastor, Sri Pungno Y Ngullie, UBC, Doyang was the chief guest of the program who in his speech spoke on the significance of Tokhu Emong festival. An eloquent speech was also delivered on the spiritual leader, Guru Nanak Ji, by Sri Rajkumar Tiwari,teacher.

A Hindi speech competition was also conducted on the same day for the students of classes VI to VIII.