Unique Features

Special Features of VKV (NEEPCO) Doyang:
One of the major objectives of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (NEEPCO), Doyang since its inception in the year 2000 has been to impart quality education to the children residing in the NEEPCO campus. To fulfill this objective, the following points have been constantly taken care during last 10 years.

(a) To interpret ‘Education’ in right sense. Instead of mechanically preparing the students for examinations, the focus has always been on founding strong basics in the students in both secular and spiritual aspects of education.

(b) There has been strong emphasis on the fundamental concepts in different subjects, right from primary classes, as those are of immense importance for laying necessary foundation for higher studies.

(c) Teachers have always been adequately trained and equipped with modern teaching methodology so that they can give their best.

(d) Remedial classes & study hours in the school (after normal school hours) have been conducted extensively to improve the ability and performance of students.

(e) Co-curricular activities have been planned and conducted in such a way that those effectively help the students in the development of their personality irrespective of scholastic merit.

(f) Physical Education including Games & Sports has been given due importance with special emphasis to different indoor & outdoor sports as large number of students are found talented in different sports.

(g) There has been special emphasis to Art Education as many students are potentially good in Art & Craft.

(h) Students have been prepared to take part in different seminars, exhibitions, talent search competitions etc. at various levels conducted by VKSPV, CBSE and other agencies. Preparations for these events and participation in these has significantly increased students’ ability and confidence.

(i) Teachers visit the students’ houses to discuss the strength & weakness of each child with parents and suggest necessary measures. Parent-Teacher Meets are frequently held in school also to discuss students’ progress and difficulties faced, if any.

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