CBSE Affiliation / Extensions

CBSE Affiliation / Extensions & Centre for AISSE

As per as the affiliation is concerned, we applied for CBSE Affiliation on 21st September 2000 and we got it on 1st April 2001 up to 31st March 2004 with Aff. No. 1430001. Again we applied for renewal on 22nd March 2004 and obtained it on 1st April 2004. It was extended up to 31st March 2009. Next we approached for renewal which we got up to 31st March 2014.

Getting permission to have Centre for Class-X has started another epoch in saga of VKV (NEEPCO) Doyang. Every year the students faced a lot of difficulties to go outside the Doyang for appearing AISSE. After getting the Centre in 2009, the problem has com to an end.

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