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Students’Achievements/Participation in various competitions (internal & external):
Co-scholastic achievements of students  :                
(i)                 Three students took part in state level painting competition on topic energy conservation at Kohima organized by ministry of power. 
                         Name of students as follows :
(a)    Kr. Tssentso Ngullie                    ----       Class – IV
(b)    Kr. Chumren Patton                     ----       Class – VIII
(c)     Kr. Udipta Saikia                         ----       Class – IX
(ii)           5 students selected for  CCRT  (Centre for Cultural Resource & Training) Scholarship, New Delhi for folk dance of Nagaland  (1), folk song of Nagaland (2)  & Satriya dance (2). Name of student as follows :
(a)    Km. N. Thungjanbeni Kithan                   ----       Flok Song
(b)   Km. Kathy Zechano Yanthan                   ----       Flok Song
(c)    Kr. Zupemo Lotha                                                ----       Flok Dance
(d)   Km. Rabina Mala                                      ----       Satriya Dance
(e)   Km. Bornali Boro                                     ----       Satriya Dance
National Cultural Festival:- 
Two students of Class-IX got invitation from CCRT New Delhi to attend the National Cultural Festival (1st December to 9th December 2013) at Guwahati, namely :

                           ·         Ku. T. Senchumbeni Yanthan( Receiving scholarship for Folk Dance since 2010)
  ·       Ku. T. Leroni Yanthan (Receiving scholarship for Folk Dance since 2010)
·         Social Science Exploratory Project 2013- Four students of school participated in the final round of the competition which was held in VKV Majuli on 15, 16 and 17 November. Km Mhalo Jami (X) and Km Rose Yanthan (X) bagged the Appreciation Prize for their findings and presentation in the event.

Students presenting their projects

Special Achievement of teachers/administrative staff :    

(i)                  Sri Kalyan Deka, Music Teacher awarded Nandan Shree Award in the field of Music & Art by  
Surnandan Bharati, Kolkata.
(ii)               NE TV 1 hour interview & performance live telecast was done on 26/07/2013 by Sri Kalyan Deka, Music Teacher.

ASL training workshop:- A Teacher of the school, Sri Partha Sarothi Deb participated in ASL Training Workshop held at Army Public School, Narangi, organized by CBSE on 28th and 29th November 2013. The two day workshop was inaugurated by CBSE Regional Director Sri KK Chaudhury and CBSE Secretary Sri Sanjib Das.

Teachers during  the workshop 
Our 6(six) teachers- Sri Vijay Kr. Upadhaya, Sri Sanjay Kr. Yadav, Sri Kishor Ch. Moharana, Sri Pranab Dasgupta, Sri Ashok Sahu and Sri Sucharit Nath attended a training program on the topic “CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME” conducted by CBSE on 21st and 22nd February 2014 at golaghat, Assam.
Group photo of the participating teachers

Our 2 teachers- Sri Sanjay Kr. Yadav and Sri Partha Sarothi Deb attended a training program conducted by CBSE on  online marking system on 1st March, 2014 at Guwahati, Assam.

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